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Welcome at Dynamic Red Bulls Kennel where size does not matter, but perfection and health does.

About Us

DRB established in 2008 as a Bullmastiff Kennel in The Hague (NL). In 2009 we got introduced to the "Bully-Style" American Pit Bull Terrier. Top Notch Bully names such as King Lion, King Liger, MAC10 and especially Ghost Face Assassin AKA Smokey motivated us to expand DRB with this fascinating breed.

Our goal

Together with fellow Kennels here in NL and in the US we have a program to produce Lions. We strive to retain the traditional looks of the "Original" APBT and adapting the "Bully-Style".

Bully-Style = more mass in the head, neck, shoulders and rears. Along with the mass, we focus on social & loyal character, health, the extreme physical symmetrical appearance, correct proportionality in structure, the working drive and temperatment of this extraordinary powerfull breed.


We consider our dogs as part of our family where they are well taken care of, well excercised and well trained.
DRB specializes in XL Bully Pitbulls. Our foundation dogs have the following bloodlines running though their veins: Blueline, RBG, Gotti, Razors Edge and Remy line. That's why we breed nothing but with these best bloodlines to achieve our goal of producing the dog that we call perfect in our eyes. A few ancestors of our dogs: King Lion, King Liger, Smokey, etc.

Shere Khan (Scarface) - King of the Jungle

Since our introduction to XL Bully Pitbulls, there were 3 Top Notch Bully's that really impressed us: 1. King Lion, 2.King Liger & Smokey

Personally we fell for Smokey, because of his extreme massive physical appearance. He has a lot of mass in the head, neck, shoulders, rears and an extreme wide chest. For us, he was a perfect Lion witha correct proportionality in structure. The credit goes to Eddie for producing this boy. Our mind was set to have a Smokey decendant and started a quest in the Blueline family. It did not took us long to find out that there was a super breeding planned with 3 x Smokey in the pedigree. We flew out to California in the summer of 2011 to pick up our pride and joy: Scarface aka Shere Khan, the King of the Jungle!!!

Ghost Face Assassin aka Smokey

Scarface is about 3 years old now and is developing tremendously. He has a very nice head and a very wide chest. We are very happy with his physical summetrical structure appearance and can't wait to see how he will develop further in the near by future.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Lance, Sam and Robert for the special breeding program that produced Scarface. Lance, thanks Bro for giving this boy to me.

The Family

Here are some individual pictures of our dogs. Please enjoy them and get an impression of what we are going to bring out in the nearby future. So stay tunes.

This is our Bullmastiff. Cayenne was our pride and joy.

R.I.P.: 27 March 2006 - 1 April 2014


This is Queen of Kings aka Fayah. She is a gorgeous Champagne coloured XL Bully Pitbull. She is the granddaughter of King Liger (son of King Lion).

She has been awarded numerously the 1st price at the EKBC show.







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